Bug bite hurts like crazy?

Answer This sounds like it could be infected, anything more than a quarter size or so should be looked at immediately. I wouldn't wait and get an emergency appointment with the doctor today.

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My back molar teeth hurts like crazy?

Get the teeth fixed. The dentist may accept a payment plan, ask.In the future brush and floss better to avoid repeat problems as much as possible.Best of luck to you.(the prices sound reasonable b... Read More »

I have a mosquito bite on my wrist. It itches like crazy. What should I do?

1. Wash the infected area with soap and water as soon as you recognize that you've been bitten. Try to keep the site clean and dry until the irritation abates.2. Avoid scratching. Although a m... Read More »

How do i treat diaper rash in a adult it burns like crazy and hurts when ever i set?

Treating diaper rash or razor burn on adults is just the same as treating it with babies, during summer when I swim a lot, I get diaper rash from my bathing suite, use a good known brand of diaper ... Read More »

I wore my apple headphones for 45 minutes and for two days now the left half of my head and inside of my ear hurts like crazy whenever i move my head or jaw how do i treat it?

Skull candy headphones usually break anywhere from 2-3 months use. I recommend buying another brand, because they are cheap. You're only paying for the brand. Definitely not the quality.