Bug Killers That Do Not Harm Humans or Dogs?

Answer We all want our homes and gardens free from insects and other critters. However, if you're a dog owner, have children or are generally concerned about your health, using pesticides and other harmfu... Read More »

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Are ultrasonic pest killers safe for humans?

On One Hand: Safe but IneffectiveThe ultrasonic pest killers legally sold in the United States are not harmful to humans but are unlikely to solve your pest control problem. The reason for this, ac... Read More »

Sound Frequencies That Harm Humans?

Frequency is the number of cycles per unit of time. The human ear is sensitive to certain frequencies. The volume of a sound is measured in decibels (dB), which is the force of sound waves against ... Read More »

Can laser pointers harm dogs?

Laser pointers can be of value in training dogs with poor hearing or teaching behaviors from a distance. However, lasers can burn dogs' eyes if aimed directly into them. According to an article in ... Read More »

Do lawn fertilizers harm dogs?