Bt500 bluetooth usb... using with a Imac?

Answer cant you just use the wifi of your printer? which is much faster and far more reliable than bluetooth.but, it should work, yes

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How to Add Bluetooth to an iMac?

Use iMac's Bluetooth technology to wirelessly connect printers, smart phones, keyboards, speakers and other peripherals to the computer. Bluetooth comes standard on iMacs, allowing for wireless com... Read More »

How to Set Up a Bluetooth Remote for an iMac?

The iMac is not compatible with Bluetooth remotes, but does come with an infared (IR) Apple Remote that can control your iMac from a distance. An IR remote can allow you to navigate through the mus... Read More »

Will a Dell wireless Bluetooth keyboard work on an iMac?

Yes, barring any glitches. Many Bluetooth devices, including Dell keyboards, are designed to work generically with any other brand or manufacturer. Check your keyboard-system-preference pane to see... Read More »

For my graduation I am going to get an iMac. For owners of the iMac: Are you satisfied with the iMac?

My iMac is awesome. It is a 2GHz processor with 3GB memory. The screen is wonderful and very high-quality, and the operating system, of course, is the best in the business. You will love your iMac.... Read More »