Brushing your teeth and tongue?

Answer British people who don't think brushing your teeth is hygienical...and you wonder why there is a British stereotype about bad teeth.

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Is it true that cleaning the tongue is more important than brushing teeth at night?

Yes and no...Most people don't brush the right way so tongue cleaning is REALLY important for them...They sell a Tongue Cleaner next to the tooth brushes at the grocery store... It looks like a loo... Read More »

Can just drinking water or green tea and brushing your teeth and togue get rid of the white tongue?

Cleansing the tongue daily should take care of your botheration, I think; If you don't have a scraper, you may use a dirtless hankie for cleansing;

I've been told that brushing your teeth with tumeric powder whitens your teeth beyond belief.?

Turmeric is terrible for staining things. Impossible to get out so I don't think it would be wise to brush your teeth with it.

Brushing also my tongue?

When brushing your tongue, just brush it gently with water and toothpaste downward… After 1 minute, rinse it with water.