Brush-On Nail Treatments That Strengthen Nails?

Answer Brittle, cracked and peeling nails are a hassle. Not only can they be painful, but they are also difficult to keep neat and clean. Anyone who has ever dealt with nail woes can attest to how difficu... Read More »

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What do i wash my brush for acrylic nails in during and after so it doesnt dry in the brush and get ruined?

This might help =)…

How to Pick a Nail Polish Pattern for Your Nails That Suits You?

Painting your nails is a fun girly thing! Having not just a colour put a design/pic on your nails can add your own flair and creativity! Read on to learn what pattern is best for your nails whether... Read More »

How to Strengthen Nails?

Your nails are an indication of your overall health. Nails contain keratin, a type of protein that grows based on the rate of your cell reproduction. Weak and brittle nails are typically a sign of ... Read More »

How to Remove Nail Polish from Acrylic Nails Without the Nails Coming off?

If you're not careful, attempting to remove nail polish can result in damage to your acrylic nails - here's how to avoid it.