Brush Lettering Styles?

Answer Brush lettering is one of the oldest types of writing. Ancient documents written using brushes and ink exhibit a fluid, elegant style that remains highly desirable to this day. Only a carefully i... Read More »

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Old Lettering Styles?

Prior to modernization, skilled artisans created lettering by hand. In the West, shapes were carved into wood blocks for printing presses. Before that, one-of-a-kind documents were written with pen... Read More »

Funky Lettering Styles?

There is a certain grace and beauty to words and the individual letters that combine to make them. Elegant, too, is the delicate nature of fonts and hand rendered or manufactured lettering. These d... Read More »

Bubble Lettering Styles?

Although words are important, the font and style of those words communicate too. Bubble lettering is an inventive, fanciful style where thick, curvy letters replace sharp points and straight edges ... Read More »

Leg Lettering Styles for Tattoos?

Some people who go in for leg tattoos go far beyond the ankle ladybug or the big toe star. Their ink may take up an entire calf with a passage from a favorite piece of literature, a meaningful quot... Read More »