Brunette Celebrity Hairstyles?

Answer The disgrace of a bad hair day is a feeling every woman can relate to. No supermodel, Hollywood actress or award winning singer is immune to this embarrassing ailment. Women strive to keep their lo... Read More »

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Hairstyles for Brunette Bridesmaids?

Your wedding is a special day and you want everything to be perfect, including the hair of your bridesmaids. Brunettes have a classic look that much can be done with, so you have many options to ch... Read More »

Braided Brunette Hairstyles for Weddings?

When listing a brief history of hairstyles, the website UK Hairdressers acknowledges the ancient Egyptian culture of noblewomen cropping their hair short but wearing long, dark braided wigs at cere... Read More »

Short Brunette Curly Prom Hairstyles?

Prom, unlike other school dances, is a once-in-a-lifetime event that inspires you to look more stunning than ever. While you might expect having short hair to limit your possibilities, it actually ... Read More »

Celebrity Emo Hairstyles?

Emo is the name given to the subculture of people who listen to rock music of the same title. The term emo is short for emotional, and emo music is often noted for its melancholic edge. Emos are ch... Read More »