Bruise pain that won't go away!!?

Answer 5 months is way too long for a bruise. It's possible you could have some calcium formation there or something. It's not anything to panic about, but it should get checked out.I'm a chiropractor, b... Read More »

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Bruise That Won't Go Away?

aw this made me really sad, I would give you a million hugs if I could

I have a bruise on my face that won't go away?

Spots that just wont go away?

I was in the EXACT same situation.When I was 10 or 11 I started getting spots and blackheads etc.I am 13 now and a quite a few months ago I went to my doctor and got prescribed the Duac Once Daily ... Read More »

Spots that wont go away after 6 months! How do I get rid of them?

For the spots\pimples try using tea tree essential oil, it has great antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties.The best results are usually achieved using pure Tee Tree Essential Oil direc... Read More »