Bruise pain that won't go away!!?

Answer 5 months is way too long for a bruise. It's possible you could have some calcium formation there or something. It's not anything to panic about, but it should get checked out.I'm a chiropractor, b... Read More »

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If I puncture a bruise with a needle or cut it open will the blood drain and pain subside?

I don't believe I would do that because you could cause yourself more problems. A bruise is buildup created by normal bodily functions. You don't say what happened or when, but if it's been more th... Read More »

In pain. parents wont help. help plz :/?

Hello,First of all I am sorry that you have this injury and pain, it must be frustrating.It is difficult to say exactly what happened to your heel but it does sound like you bruised it pretty badly... Read More »

My mom wont lt me pain my room, so what else can i do to brighten it up with color?

What can I eat that wont make my gallbladder and me scream with pain?

Isnt your gallbladder just a hollow organ which stores bile for your liver?Why would eating any food make it hurt? Is it infected or did you get surgery?