Bruise on foot over one year. Any Advice would be healpful.?

Answer Sensitivity in a foot from an injury that was over a year ago is absolutely not normal and definitely should be reported to a medical practitioner. It doesn't matter if it isn't visible.Remember, y... Read More »

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Bruise on foot for over one year. Any ideas why?

Sorry I can't answer as to why it's like that, but I know it's not something to worry about. My step-dad broke his foot 22years ago and still has a bruise there that looks as fresh as when he done ... Read More »

I need advice, i have this bruise?

it seems to be in a dodgy place, no it probably isnt serious but that doesnt mean you shouldnt see a doctor just in case you've damaged a tendon or something. if its still in pain then you should d... Read More »

How to numb a bruise on your foot (so you can wear heels)?

If you numb your foot, I'm not sure how you are supposed to walk. You should wear flats with heel inserts or try and take asprin or something to help with inflammation and bruising

My 3 year old hit head on concrete from 2 feet in the air. has big swollen bruise. Go to Hospital or not?

Put ice on it right away. Then if it is swelling out...he should be fine. If you do not see a knot coming up then that is when you should we worried. Also, if he was conscious the whole time the... Read More »