Browser comes up by itself Help?

Answer I'm not familiar with the specified model above, but in similar situations with other Android devices, I've ensured that the contacts were in sync with the users cloud via Gmail account and reset f... Read More »

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Is there any good browser better than microsoft internet browser or the one that comes with every computer?

How comes they have a rover on mars but no one has ever landed on Mars itself?

Because a rover doesn't need to eat, breathe, perspire and doesn't have a psychological meltdown after 9 months away from Earth. People are not designed for space travel, currently the technology i... Read More »

I need help finding a specific browser. So help please?

Yes. But it is a LINUX Browser and resides inside a Linux Operating System.Anonymous Internet surfing with Liberté Linux

Mouse moving by itself. I move it a little then it goes to the right by itself. Really annoying.?

Defective mouse. You have to change it. Moving fast can be changed in the setting, but moving by itself means there's something wrong with the sensor of your mouse already.