Brownish discharge Please help!?

Answer Sounds like ovulation and messed up period cycle. See what next month brings as far as a normal period. Wear a panty shield in the meantime until this gets regulated

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PLEASE HELP! Why is my period 8 days early and a dark brownish colour?

Brown colored spots are dried blood. You generally get the in the beginning of your period and towards the end (for some women). But, because you did take the morning after pill I'd go to your doct... Read More »

Brownish red discharge?

its just a little early and light. the brownish red color is due to the clotting they usually happens after it leaves you body. don't stress.

Brownish red discharge....?

Your fixing to start. Sometimes I do this for 4 - 5 days before I actually start. Does the fun ever end?

Brownish red vaginal discharge?

It's normal to have brownish-red discharged. I get it sometimes. Sometimes these this happens right after you start you start birth control, or right after you quit taking it. If I don't take it fo... Read More »