Browning Bar-22 Specs?

Answer The Browning firearms company first produced the BAR-22 rifle in 1977. In 1982, Browning updated this rifle by using a new metal alloy for the receiver, resulting in lighter weight. A new stock des... Read More »

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What is the RPM for a M2 Browning Machine gun?

Varies by model. The standard M2 HBAR has a rate of fire from 400 - 600 rounds per minute. The aircraft AN/M2 has a rate of fire from 750 - 900 rounds per minute, and the AN/M3 has a rate of fire o... Read More »

How to Stop a Cake from Browning Too Much?

A cake that over-browns can spoil the appearance and taste. Preventing this from happening means averting the possibility up front. Here's how.

Can you keep an apple from browning with any acid?

Most acids will prevent a cut apple from turning brown, however, not all acids are safe for consumption. Some acidic liquids used to keep apples from browning are lemon and lime juice or soda, asco... Read More »

Who makes browning bows?

Browning bows have been produced under the name Browning Archery by the licensee PSE: Precision Shooting Equipment since 2001. Browning bows had previously been produced by Browning for 38 years. P... Read More »