Brown stuff Is Coming Out Of my Vegina n its only been 2 weeks?

Answer I have the sudden urge to go and bake brownies.Anyway, I concur with Dr. Pimp Stain..menstrual bits..congratulations, you are pergonewt!

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You are 39 weeks preg and just been told by midwife that the head is two fifths of the way down is the big day coming soon?

Answer I reckon a week should do it, good luck. You must be so exicted, get plenty of rest, you will need it.

If you've been bleeding for 3 weeks but it's only spotting are you pregnant?

Answer i am in the same situation and im still confused. i took a pregnancy test after my doctor adviced me to do so but i got a negative result..however the beeding did not stop and im wondering i... Read More »

My elderly mother had hip operation 4 weeks ago .Since being hospital she as only been eating and drinking?

It's difficult to answer that question without knowing her full history. The obvious first step is to determine why she is eating little. Is she depressed? Is she ill? Is she not quite herself righ... Read More »

If you believe you might be pregnant but its only been two weeks after having unprotected sex and you are taking anitbotics for an infection could that harm the child?

Answer If you think you may be pregnant, no matter how early it is, you should stop taking the anti biotics srtaight away and contact your doctor to discuss the situation with them as soon as you ... Read More »