Brown Color Hairstyles?

Answer Brown-haired or brunette women often get short shrift, as Western culture tends to celebrate the blond. However, there are many memorable brunette hairstyles, including the Dorothy Hamill wedge and... Read More »

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What color makeup matches brown hair&brown eyes?

On One Hand: Darker SkinIf you have a warmer skin tone, along with brown hair and brown eyes, warm reds, burnished browns and earthy tones tend to complement your features best. Consider putting a ... Read More »

I have dark brown hair and brown eyes, so what hair color would I need if I was going to a Mary Kay party?

LOL, !! :)don't change a thing, wow them with your natural look.

Is brown eye color or hazel eye color more dominate?

I have always heard brown is more dominate, but both of my children have my hazel eyes and their father has I guess that's not always the case! I think this theory needs a little more te... Read More »

Ash Brown Hairstyles?

Ash brown hair is light brown and can be worn with golden, dark brown or caramel highlights. Without highlights ash brown hair can look dull and lifeless. If you have ash brown hair ask your stylis... Read More »