Brooklyn or manhatten jobs in retail...wat are sum places hiringrite now?

Answer Plenty of places, but they'll all likely pay minimum wage, and are likely in malls orRetail? Try fast foods , big box stores like Target , Best Buy , and Walmart-

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What places are hireing in manhatten or brooklyn rite now?

these are the correct spellings :hiring ... manhattan ... rightand your grammer is HORRIBLE !!....that's why you can't get a job !!

Any places in Brooklyn that don't ID for cigarettes/alcohol?

The majority legally do. People still try though.

What stores or places hire 15 year olds for summer jobs!?

Try your local library. Some of them will hire at 15 for reshelving books and such. Also, my niece worked at a tennis club when she was 15, but she was also taking lessons there. It's worth look... Read More »

What are some good places to apply for summer jobs this year in Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley?

Here are hundreds of positions for you.…