Broken radius playing guitar!!?

Answer So basically I broke my radius too 1 week before a gig and I was rhythm guitar -.- BUT I STILL PLAYED :D (luckily the rhythms weren't too bad...) As long as there isn't any pain and you take an eas... Read More »

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How to Make a Compound Radius Guitar Neck?

The radius of a fretboard adjusts the playability of a guitar. A small radius -- a larger curve -- allows easier chord playing on lower frets, but a flatter curve is desired on higher frets for sol... Read More »

How to Get Good at Playing Guitar?

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How to Get Good at Playing Guitar Chords?

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How to Care for Guitar Playing Fingernails?

Have you ever wondered maybe why your guitar playing doesn't sound as it should? One reason could actually be your fingernails! (And your hand skin hygiene!)