Broken nose?

Answer You will need a cosmetic surgeon. Perhaps your doctor can refer you to one. Sounds like you need to have your nose fixed pretty badly. I am sure you have a deviated septum if your nose is bent to o... Read More »

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May have broken my nose...How can I tell?

Help me , Is my nose broken?

The lower part of the nose is made of gristle and above the bridge is bony ... Ice packs are good ... not really much you can do for a nose injury apart from reduction of the swelling...You may get... Read More »

How can you tell if your nose is broken?

No it isn't the same thing happened to me(well not exactly instead of a book shelf it was a car door)I had a bump, but it didn't llok croked and it didn't bleed. The pain and bump just went away a... Read More »

Broken nose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

Talk to the doctor again and see what they can do about the operation