Broken front tooth. can it be saved ?

Answer yeah they can cap it,or worst case scenario root canal,

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Have you ever broken off a front tooth and you have to wait 3 weeks from last Thursday to get an appointment?

I actually broke off both front teeth on the top and was able to get temporary caps on the same day.

How long do you have to wait after a root canal before you can brush that tooth if it is your front tooth?

Usually on the evening on the day after the procedure.

How to Treat a Broken Tooth?

While teeth are very strong, they sometimes can break or chip due to an injury, biting down on something hard, or from being weakened by cavities. Knowing how to treat a broken tooth can help you w... Read More »

Broken tooth whats the dentist gonna do ?

The dentist will remove it if it cannot be repaired.I had a bad hole in a tooth last year. My dentist, understanding my problem with needles, filled it for me at my request.The next day, I ended up... Read More »