Broken fingernail help?

Answer It might sound like a long time to grow back but you would be surprised. If it is bothering you just stick a plaster on it.

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How to Patch a Broken Fingernail?

It happens to all of us: your fingernail rips too close to your finger, causing you excruciating pain. Since you know the nail is just minutes away from snagging on an item of clothing, there's no ... Read More »

How do you remove fingernail polish off fingernails without fingernail polish remover?

It will wear off , eventually, but you can buff it off with a fine grit nail file or emery board. Just don't rub too hard, and be careful around your cuticles.That answer was good, but i have a bet... Read More »

How to Get Fingernail Polish Off Without Using Fingernail Polish Remover?

When you painted your nails they looked great. Perfectly in tune with your outfit of the day it was a color coordination success. Since then, it's begun to chip as nail polish does and has lost its... Read More »

WHAT IS WORSE: broken HAND or broken HEART?

Hand is more important. without it, you wont be able to come to yahoo answers to pour out your woes. I agree with baobei. Almost everybody has some heart broken tales which they cast aside but n... Read More »