Broken collar bone Recover time?

Answer Broke my collar bone and the doctors made me wear and neck sling witb my arm up next to my chest to see if would grow back correctly but it did not, have to have it pinned, either way about six weeks

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How to Heal from a Broken Collar Bone?

Got a broken collar bone? This how-to will show you tips and tactics to help heal your collar bone fairly quickly!

My Collar Bone was Completely Broken, X-ray was of the Ribs, mostly. "Possible Fracture"?

Jana,In order to sue a doctor for malpractice you must establish two things; one, that the doctor fell below the standard of care, the standard of care being that which another reasonable, prudent ... Read More »

What is the maximum time a person should be left with a broken bone before operating on it?

It is less than ideal for her to wait over a week for surgery. The fracture is not the problem since the healing process takes time. The problem is that it is best to try to mobilize patients as qu... Read More »

How do I get rid of a zit on my collar bone?

pop it, and put an anti-septic &/or anti-bacterial on it.spots are caused by bacteria, they eat skin pore secretions, and your body responds to the bacteria build up by attacking them - if there's ... Read More »