Broken back to make sure that i'm right,?

Answer There are lots of types of "broken back" from total paralysis, to just small side pieces broken from the sides of vertabrae, which just make people stiff.Chiropractic is a very good way to help the... Read More »

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I've got a broken back and I'm looking for things to do.?

Surgery and injuries are so awful. I have been there. Boredom can really impede your healing and you will find your self doing things you shouldn't be and can harm your injured area. I am sure your... Read More »

Broken kneecaps how long does it take to get back to normal?

It usually takes 2-3 months for broken knee caps to get back to normal.

One of the front teeth is just a bit broken, will it grow back?

no, your teeth do not keep growing. You can have a dentist smooth it out, or over time it will smooth from chewing.

Can you replace the back side of an iphone 4 if it's broken?

The price for an iPhone does not change paced on age. The price for the iPhone itself is between $199-$299 (16GB and 32GB). Then you have to choose between the at&t plan or the Verizon plan. There ... Read More »