Broken arm please help?

Answer It seems you have to give it time. You can ask a doctor about possible therapy exercises which you will have to do very gradually so as to get the strength back in your arm and eventually get ... Read More »

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Broken toe Please help!!!?

I would get an in-home x-ray machine. They are actually quite affordable for what you are getting. That way anytime you get hurt, you can just take a quick x-ray and see if you have broken somethin... Read More »

Broken jaw!!! Please help me fix it!!!?

No, the dentist wont be able to help. You need to contact a plastic surgeon about this.

Is my toe broken Help please?

Broken Toe SymptomsAfter the injury, pain, swelling, or stiffness will occur. Bruising of the skin around the toe may also be noticeable. The toe may not look normal, and it may even look bent or d... Read More »

Is my hand broken please help?

That would be a good question for the person doing your x-rays at the hospital.