Broken arm. :( i need love people!?

Answer Here I starred you :) and I am really sorry for the fall, man this must hurt.I suggest some fun activities in which you will not use your hand often; watch TV, listen to music, sleep (that's an act... Read More »

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Can people die of a broken heart?

On One Hand: Yes, It Is Called Broken Heart SyndromeAccording to the Washington Post, broken heart syndrome (BHS) is a legitimate condition. BHS occurs when someone loses the person they love, whic... Read More »

Do people have withdrawal symptoms if their computer is broken.?

Yes,I have a number of machines now,but the second one I bought was purely for backup.Addict I guess!!

How many people have broken the new law about driving whilst using mobile phones?

Personally no - it's just not worth the risk - and three points on the license costs loads in insurance fees. And I have to say I've seen very few people using mobiles at the wheel since the new p... Read More »

R&P...I want to get to know the people I love MORE!!!?

Do you believe in love?Yes I do, definitely do believe in itDo you love your parents?My mom with all my "dad" not at allDo you feel as though sometimes no one gets you?Not really, to be... Read More »