Broken arm cant fly out can you claim?

Answer It sure is! it has lots of historical places and its natural places are brilliant.

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My screen is broken and i cant see my text messges is there a site i can use to see them?

just buy a new screen off ebay and install it or if you suck at fixing things get some one else to do it

Is it true that you cant download music into iPod touch if its jail broken?

Not if your careful with the jailbreak apps that you download. Some of the apps from Cydia can harm your iPod touch and possibly block your iTunes account.

I think I have broken at least 1 rib, but apparently doctors cant really help. Is it worth me going to see?

You won't have a pneumothorax if the injury is over two weeks old. Strapping of ribs is not advised as it prevents expansions of the chest. If your chest is wheezy or you are having breathing diffi... Read More »

If your car had the driver door window broken and passenger side body keyed is that one claim do you have to pay two deductables?

Answer If the damage was done at the same time, it's one occurrence of Vandalism, covered under the Comprehensive portion of your policy and one deductible applies. If the damage was done at differ... Read More »