Broken Vinyl Window Repair?

Answer A broken vinyl window, such as a double-hung window, can be repaired by fixing or replacing the jamb liner. The jamb liner has a cartridge that contains the locking terminal that is used to keep or... Read More »

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How to Repair the Vinyl Window on a Convertible Top?

Convertibles have tops made of fabric, rather than metal, and some tops have vinyl windows. Like any other vinyl element, this window can tear. The damage can be repaired using a vinyl patch along... Read More »

How do you repair your leaky vinyl window?

Areas around the glass and small crack,GE silicone 11 outdoor is great. For a larger frame crack , you would want to add a piece of vinyl, or white plastic and use the ge silicone to adhere it too... Read More »

How to Repair a Vinyl Window in a Convertible Top on a BMW?

Convertibles are popular because they provide the option of having the rooftop up or down depending on the weather. In many BMWs, the fabric convertible top has an immobile, vinyl window that provi... Read More »

How do you repair a crack in vinyl window frame?

try a quality super glue, or perhaps gorilla glue. Caulking would work.