Broke one bracket on my braces. please help?

Answer Did it just pop off? Because if it did pop off your dentist should just be able to glue it back on. That's what they did for me. And no he/she won't be mad. It actually happens all the time.

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My bracket on my braces broke HELP!!!?

Uh... Go to the orthodontist. My orthodontist always tells me if I brake a bracket to call ASAP for a apt. soon. You will be fine.

Bracket came off braces HELP?

Call your orthodontist. It might not be your fault, maybe they didn't use enough glue. I used to have brackets pop off all the time, and I followed all the rules extra carefully. Don't stress out, ... Read More »

My bracket (from my braces)....?

You should wait until Friday. If your wire isn't poking you in the mouth or the gums, it's not a real emergency, and can wait until you see your orthodonist next. If it is poking you, you can go ... Read More »

My bracket (braces) fell off?

I think it's the glue they used to put the bracket on. They will go away when you remove your braces though. I had braces too and you can't see anything in my teeth.