Broadband.... Do You Leave It Connected All The Time?

Answer having xp's firewall on will not protect you very welli would get a better firewallzonealarmwww.zonelabs.comnow to your questionleaving your connection on all the time is not advised as its opening... Read More »

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Ok to leave my pc, with broadband and XP, switched on all the time?

I do and and its fine for me. Actually I think they reccomend it if you have broadband... Its just a little extra wear and tear on your power supply. Heres what to do if you leave you computer on... Read More »

Is it safe to leave a USB connected Hard Drive connected to my Desktop 24/7?

No, this can be very dangerous. USB drives can overheat and can pose a risk of your computer spontaneously catching on fire. You should unplug the drive as quickly as possible after using it at a... Read More »

Will I be billed for SKY services before the phone line and broadband is connected?

no you wont be charged until the service goes active they can set it to go active at a future address it takes 14 days to set up. once you get to your activation date eg(14 days from now) you will ... Read More »

Is it safe to leave flash drive connected to computer?

On One Hand: Backups and ConvenienceAs flash drives continue to be manufactured in larger storage sizes, they become useful as backup drives. Since the drive only engages when you access it, if you... Read More »