BrisV.A!inf Trojan problem What do I do?

Answer Trojan.Brisv.A is a Trojan horse that infects multimedia files. This trojan search for multimedia files with extension .asf, .mp2, .mp3, .wma, .wmv and injects additional functionality into the mul... Read More »

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Virus problem - Trojan.Fakealert.5?

Your not alone ^_^.. Dont worry BitDefender got a Certificate Breach meaning all the files got false positive response as of now they are fixing the problem for the next update just wait for the ne... Read More »

Problem with trojan.vundo, i tried a lots and i used all what they said must do in symantec but still have it?

Download Vundofix.exe., located here: had the same issues and none of the spyware (AdAware, Spybot Remover, etc) or virus tools (Norton, Microtrend, etc.) seemed to wo... Read More »

Trojan horse Small.BOG iTunes-AVG Problem?

I agree that this is a bogus warning from AVG. In case they don't release an update soon that corrects this (or if you're just impatient like I am), you can add the iTunes folder as an exception f... Read More »

Trojan Horse Virus problem D: Win32:Delf-MZG?

First of all. you only run ONE av propgram at a time, in real time. If it misses anything, Most peeps use these two.. free. Read More »