Brightest flashlight which one?

Answer Mag Lights are AWESOME! I never leave home with out it and you can get them in all sizes.

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Which color is brightest to the human eye?

Any color that we see depends on the light sent to our eyes, as light is imperative for humans to have any perception of color. White light is sent from the sun, from which all colors evolve, and i... Read More »

Which is the brightest planet in the winter night sky?

The brightest of all planets is Venus. During the winter months, Venus is visible just above the horizon before dawn. The brightest planet that is visible during the evening hours is Mars.Reference... Read More »

Which magnitude would appear brightest to the naked eye?

The brightest magnitude depends on what you are seeing and is theoretically an unlimited negative number. The brightest star, Sirius, is a magnitude -1.4. The brightest planet, Venus, shines at mag... Read More »

Which would ordinarily be the name of the brightest star in a constellation?

The University of Illinois Astronomy Department states that the brightest star in a constellation is called the luminary. Constellation brightness is designated by Greek letters with alpha for the ... Read More »