Brightest LED bulb possible on two 3V cell batteries?

Answer It's not simply a matter of connecting an l.e.d. to a battery. You MUST include a series resistor to limit the current to the l.e.d's maximum value. Read about how to use them.This might help ht... Read More »

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The Brightest Bulb in the Tanning Bed?

Although "the brightest bulb in the tanning bed" is sometimes used in a saying to describe someone who isn't the smartest person around, the phrase brings the importance of knowing your tanning bed... Read More »

How do you turn on or make a flash bulb from a digital camera unit work using AA batteries?

The card will probably work with a D7000. Class 10 indicates read/write speed. It won't hurt the camera so try it and see. If you haven't bought a card yet this page shows which cards Nikon has tes... Read More »

What Are Wet Cell Batteries?

Wet cell batteries are mostly used in vehicles such as boats, cars and motorcycles. They are made of lead plates suspended in an electrolyte solution. In wet cell batteries, the electrolyte solutio... Read More »

What Are Dry Cell Batteries?

Dry cell batteries, those common, convenient, easily obtainable, low-cost power sources that power numerous parts of our lives, are marvels in small packages. From their invention to modern day app... Read More »