Bridgestone B381 Tire Specifications?

Answer The Bridgestone B381 tire is offered as an original equipment -- OEM -- tire on the Nissan Versa and Honda Civic hybrid. If you own one of these car models you may need a B381 to replace a damaged ... Read More »

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What is the Recommended Tire Pressure for Bridgestone Turanza P205/55R16?

Recommended tire air pressure for the Bridgestone Turanza P205/55R16 is 35 pounds per square inch (psi). The maximum tire inflation pressure is 51 pounds per square inch.Source:EdmundsTire Rack

Suzuki DR 350 Tire Specifications?

The Suzuki DR 350 was a dirt bike designed by Suzuki in the 1990s and early 2000s. The bike boasted a lightweight and sporty design that allowed it to excel in off-road situations.

Goodyear Tire Specifications?

Goodyear has been making tires since 1898. Today, Goodyear remains one of the most popular tire manufacturers in the U.S. They design tires based on the consumer's automotive requirements. Trucks, ... Read More »

Toyo Tire Specifications?

Toyo Tires produces tires for a wide range of automobiles: for use both on race tracks and city streets. Toyo Tires is constantly upgrading its technology to make tires longer lasting and safer. T... Read More »