Bridge Structure Designs & Methods of Construction?

Answer The Institution of Civil Engineers of Great Britain (ICE) makes reference to four principal bridge forms. These are the beam bridge, the suspension bridge, the arch bridge and the truss bridge. Wit... Read More »

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Zen Garden Bridge Designs?

The term "Zen garden" is a bit of a misnomer that's taken on popular usage by westerners. In Japan, no one refers to the gardens in that manner. According to Sukiya Living Magazine (The Journal of ... Read More »

The Best Balsa Wood Bridge Designs?

Whether you are designing your balsa bridge for a classroom project, a scout activity or as a team member for a local, regional or even national balsa bridge competition, the best balsa wood bridge... Read More »

What Bridge Designs Are the Strongest for Science Projects?

In the real-world, different types of bridges are chosen based on how they are going to be used, and the type of materials that are available. For example, modern-day bridges are very different fro... Read More »

Structure of a Suspension Bridge?

Suspension bridges can suspend much longer roadways and paths supported by other types of bridges. These lightweight but strong bridges can be as long as 7,000 feet. However, they are also some of ... Read More »