Brick Landscape Edging?

Answer If you have planted a garden or flower beds in your yard, you will find that one problem that you experience is the disappearance of the border between the beds and your lawn. This can lead to you ... Read More »

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Landscape Edging Made With Brick & Mortar?

In a landscaped yard, edging guides the eye and defines spaces. Although there are many types of edging, brick masonry is one of the oldest, most common materials used in edging. Brick provides an ... Read More »

How to Pound in Landscape Edging?

Landscape edging defines a location designated for a garden area. Some edging is for decoration and other edging serves a utilitarian purpose. Utilitarian edging is plain metal or plastic that is ... Read More »

How do I install landscape edging?

Landscaping your yard can add beauty and curb appeal to your home. If you are planning a new flowerbed or other small garden within your yard, you will likely need landscape edging. Landscape edgin... Read More »

How to Use a Spade for Landscape Edging?

A spade looks almost identical to a shovel except that the bottom edge is straight instead of curved. This design allows you to create a perfectly straight cut in the soil as opposed to the curved ... Read More »