Brewing the perfect tea How do you brew Tim's tea?

Answer Ok , well brewing the perfect cup of tea requires the proper materials, like a tea kettle, infuser etc. But since you don't have those materials, you'll have to make do with what you have.What I w... Read More »

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What type of tea should you buy to brew in a kettle Any suggestions on brewing tea?

Awww. I bet you're American, aren't you? Tea is to the British what coffee is to the Americans, therefore I shall advise you.You need to buy tea bags. These can be herbal tea bags, fruit tea bags, ... Read More »

How to Brew a Perfect Glass of Thai Tea?

Thai tea has a different taste from Chinese Tea, or regular tea that you buy in the supermarket. It's not strong, but it does have a nice comforting taste.If you've enjoyed it at a Thai restaurant,... Read More »

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How do I camp on Tims Ford Lake?

PlanCheck the schedule of activities at Tims Ford Lake to set a date for your trip. Visit for a list of events and programs. Keep in mind that seasonal activi... Read More »