Brewing tea in a gaiwan?

Answer Gaiwan is perfect for short infusions, Compared with western brewing style, usually, the brewing times for Gaiwan are very short. Here are some examples of brewing times:Dragon Well (Long Jing): Ga... Read More »

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How to Brew Gaiwan Tea?

A "Gaiwan" is a Chinese bowl used for steeping and drinking tea. It consists of a saucer,a bowl and a lid. While this vessel can be used for any tea, it is especially preferred for teas with delica... Read More »

What is brewing?

Brewing is just one step, though a critical one, in the process of creating beer. The brewing process stabilizes a substance known as "wort" and prepares it for fermentation.DefinitionThe Merriam-W... Read More »

Any suggestions on brewing tea?

Start with good quality tea. Use loose tea leaves rather than bagged. In order to make loose leaf tea you will need a a good teapot, there are many different types of teapots each with their own ... Read More »

Home Brewing Terms?

Rising beer prices sometimes lead individuals to home brewing. Along with tasting fresher than many bottled beers, home brewing is a less expensive alternative for the casual beer drinker. Home bre... Read More »