Breathing complications during anesthesia....?

Answer Most oral surgeons and dentists use sedation and not general anesthesia here is some info on sedationIf it was me I would not let them use the drugVersed ( Midazolam ) for the procedure.In fact, ma... Read More »

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How to Lease Breathing Machines and Anesthesia Equipment?

Breathing machines and anesthesia equipment are very expensive. Many small to medium sized clinics choose to lease these items as needed in lieu of buying them. Here are a few steps to help you mak... Read More »

What are the chances of complications during pregnancy?

No! Sleeping on your back can result in backaches, hemorrhoids, decrease in circulation for you and your baby, low blood pressure, and digestive problems. The best position to sleep in during pregn... Read More »

Ear Canal Cut three weeks ago during surgery, complications now.?

Then, report this situation to the doctor... They will provide you some treatments of your cut.Good luck!

What are the possible complications with uterus during pregnancy?

It actually does not even have to enter the vagina to cause pregnancy if there is sperm/ejaculate on the outside of her vagina. If there is ejaculate around, on and definitely in the vagina there i... Read More »