Breast cancer and pain.?

Answer I can't remember where I read the statistic, but approximately 5 - 15% of breast cancer patients have pain as one of their symptoms. If a tumor is larger than 2 cm, then it can cause pain. If a t... Read More »

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Having serious breast pain while fighting breast cancer, normal or not?

Does she definitely have breast cancer? What kind of breast cancer? How far into her treatment is she? If she is experiencing breast pain then her oncologist needs to know and they can tell her ... Read More »

Is armpit pain a breast cancer symptom?

On One Hand: Breast Cancer SymptomsArmpit pain is usually not a symptom of breast cancer; however, a lump or thickening in the armpit can be. Breast cancer lumps (both under the armpit and in the b... Read More »

Does breast cancer cause pain or a burning sensation?

Breast cancer symptoms do not usually include pain, but in some cases pain and tenderness in the breast can be a sign of breast cancer. Itching and burning around the nipple is also a sign that the... Read More »

Why is it we have breast cancer awareness pins to wear and show support...breast cancer walks?

Typically, it's the big fish that makes the biggest splash.While watching the Oscars, they honoured Jerry Lewis and they said he was responsible for raising $2 billion for MS.$2 billion bucks and I... Read More »