Breast Hair Removal?

Answer Breast hair is common among most women and is usually harmless. It becomes a problem, however, when after just two days of shaving, they seem to magically appear again. Breast hairs can be found pr... Read More »

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Does insurance cover removal of deflated breast implants?

Health insurance coverage varies greatly from company to company and from individual coverages.You will need to contact your provider to find out if you are covered and the extint of the coverage. ... Read More »

Can a insurance company cover re constructive surgery of the breast after a tumor removal?

Answer Of course they can, the question is will they? I think now many many do, (thank the Lord !), when I had some surgery (15 years or so ago) they did not, but everyone I know that has had this... Read More »

Has any one used Nair hair removal stuff thats supposed to melt away your hair does it work?

if it melts your hair, wouldn't it harm your skin. think about women have used relaxers, which, some contains about damaged skin.

Does Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois cover removal of silicone breast implants?