Bread spread from Europe?

Answer Maybe it was a Creme Fraiche with chocolate or hazelnut flavoring.

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How did smallpox spread from Africa to Europe?

During the slave days there was a triangle of goods being shipped. Europe shipped weapons to Africa, Africa shipped slaves to America, ans America shipped sugar to Europe. On one of the gun runs a ... Read More »

How fast does bread mold spread?

Millions of mold spores that thrive in the air can easily be collected in the dust in your home. As the dust is moved around through the cleaning process, it can land on bread. The progression of m... Read More »

How to Make Chocolate Cereal Bread Spread?

Create the best type of bread for chocolate bread!

Does mold spread from one piece of bread to the next piece of bread?

Mold spreads rapidly from piece of bread to another. Microscopic runners that resemble roots spread through the interior of a loaf and push up to the surface to make spores. Spores are the colorful... Read More »