Braun 360 Cleaning?

Answer Braun manufactures a line of shavers which come with "Clean&Renew" stations. This station provides the base for the shaver in which the shaver is charged and automatically cleaned in preparation fo... Read More »

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How to Use the Cleaning Cartridge of a Braun 8995 Razor?

Braun recommends cleaning the Braun 8995 Series 5 Razor after every shave. Each automatic cleaning consists of a number of cycles where the cleaning solution from a cartridge is flushed through the... Read More »

How to Add Cleaning Solution to Braun 8895 Electric Razor?

The Braun 8895 is a self-cleaning electric razor that automatically analyzes and cleans the razor when you place it in the included Clean & Renew base. This ensures that you get the best shave poss... Read More »

How to Fix the Arm Base of a Syncro Braun 7000 Series Cleaning Base?

The clip to the arm of the base/cleaning station of my Braun 7000-series (same as 8000-series and more) broke and couldn't stay down. There is information about replacing the arm of the base (the a... Read More »

The Difference Between a Braun 360 & Braun 390?

Braun is one of the leading brands in male grooming products. Men's shavers from Braun have sold especially well among male consumers, as they include innovative features in their latest models tha... Read More »