Brand new DVD player... menu/dvd picture not showing on TV. What am I doing wrong?

Answer Well, the first thing is to check that you connected the AV cable connected to the right ports on the DVD player. Sometimes it's easy to get the cable in the wrong port.Assuming all your cables ar... Read More »

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What is wrong with the direct TV box if the picture is not showing up on the tv?

Only black and white picture showing up when using my dvd player?

If your connected to the tv with an hdmi cable, the picture and audio should be great.If your using componet cables, make sure all 5 wires are pushed all the way in and that they match the color of... Read More »

I have sound but no picture from dvd player...what's wrong?

check the yellow cord it is for video output if that does not work try another cord sometimes the ends go bad and wont make a connection also check the back of the television for loose cords

Am showing too much on this picture?