Bran muffin questions!!?

Answer Jimmy Dean ain't got cr@p on a good ol' bran muffin!

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How many Bran Muffin Questions you need to ask to get your account deleted, OUCH?

you won't be deleted! I REFUSE to allow that!;)

Cocoa Puffs or Cheerios Bran Muffin or Corn Muffin Shrimps or Scallops?

Cheerios,Bran muffins my Mother would say scallops she loved them,I say,shrimps,yum! And Good night Scooter.

How many blondes does it take to eat one Bran Muffin?

if they are holding a screwdriver and hammer, probably forever cause they can't multitask

I ate a bran muffin right after having sex, could I be pregnant?

If you get the farts later, that would be a definitive YES.