Bran muffin questions!!?

Answer Jimmy Dean ain't got cr@p on a good ol' bran muffin!

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How many Bran Muffin Questions you need to ask to get your account deleted, OUCH?

you won't be deleted! I REFUSE to allow that!;)

Cocoa Puffs or Cheerios Bran Muffin or Corn Muffin Shrimps or Scallops?

Cheerios,Bran muffins my Mother would say scallops she loved them,I say,shrimps,yum! And Good night Scooter.

How do I install bran muffin counter tops?

If you want them temporary, just use butter as a base. If you want them to be permanent dry the muffins first in a slow oven for a week or two...crumble some and mix with glue for grout, then lay... Read More »

How many calories in a Vons bran muffin?

An average size bran muffin might be approximately 250 calories.