Brake Service Tips?

Answer Most drivers will find that sooner or later, their car's brakes will need to be serviced. Brake repairs can range from the replacement of pads to the repair of rotors; the costs depend upon which r... Read More »

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What is a service brake?

In automobiles, the service brake is the pedal-operated brake on the floor of a motor vehicle's driver side. It is operated by depressing (pressing down) and releasing (letting the foot off the bra... Read More »

DIY Caravan Brake Service?

The Caravan has been an enduring minivan in the Chrysler/Dodge family for many years, and has gone through many redesigns. As is the case with most vehicles, regular brake services are going to be ... Read More »

Brake Service Information?

A car's brake system is a complex network of parts that work together to enable a vehicle to stop properly and safely. Frequent use of brakes requires regular maintenance and service to ensure that... Read More »

How to Service Brake Calipers?

Servicing your vehicle's disc brake caliper now will help prevent caliper failure and replacement later, ultimately saving you time and money. The caliper transfers the fluid pressure from the brak... Read More »