Brake Rotors Runout Specifications?

Answer The runout of a disk brake rotor is a measure of how much the rotor wobbles as it turns. Runout is measured by placing the probe of a dial indicator against the rotor and taking readings at a minim... Read More »

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How to Check the Brake Rotor Runout?

The term "runout" is used to describe the amount of wobble occurring when an element rotates. In a disc braking system, the brake rotor runout must be minimized so that the brakes do not shake and ... Read More »

How to Replace Brake Rotors vs. Machining Brake Rotors?

When dealing with brake rotors and the possibility of needing new ones, it is important to consider all the options before making a decision. Replacing the brake rotors can be expensive, not only f... Read More »

Floating Brake Rotors Vs. Solid Brake Rotors?

Floating brake rotors are made from two pieces of metal instead of one solid piece. Floating brake rotors feature an outer ring that is contacted by the brake pads and an inner ring that attaches t... Read More »

The Advantages of Drilled Slotted Brake Rotors Over Regular Rotors?

Every time you get in the car, you trust your life to the quality of your brakes. Every time you brake, heat and gas builds up between the rotors and the pads. This heat slows down your braking and... Read More »