Brake Rotor Replacement Tips?

Answer Most vehicle models use disc brakes or rotors on both front wheels because of their braking power compared to drum brakes. Still, a worn out or faulty rotor can put your life in danger in a high tr... Read More »

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Do It Yourself: Disc Brake and Rotor Replacement?

Most modern vehicles use some form of disc brakes, which rely on a caliper that clamps a rotor, when the brakes are applied, in order to slow the vehicle. Over time the rotors (as well as the brake... Read More »

VW Brake Rotor Replacement Tutorial?

You will typically replace the rotors on your Volkswagen when you change the brake pads. You should never put new rotors on the VW with old brake pads. Brake pads wear to match the surface of the b... Read More »

Brake Rotor Replacement Instructions?

Brake rotors are part of a disc braking system. The rotor, or disc, spins freely with the vehicle's wheel. Disc brake pads are mounted into a hydraulically operated caliper that straddles the rotor... Read More »

Tutorial for the Replacement of a Brake Disc Rotor?

Brake rotor replacement is a routine aspect of vehicle brake maintenance. The brake rotor is the round, disc-shaped component of the brakes that the caliper and brake pads clamp when the brakes are... Read More »