Brake Rotor Damage?

Answer Disc brake rotors are exposed to the elements and must also withstand the extreme forces and temperatures generated during braking. As a result, they are susceptible to damage.

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The Effect of Brake Rotor Crossdrilling on Brake Cooling?

When it comes to a vehicle's performance, its ability to stop is just as important as surefooted handling and decent power. The rotors are round, disc-shaped components of the braking system. When ... Read More »

What is a brake rotor?

The rotor is one of the most important parts of a disc brake. It gives the brake pads a surface to clamp down on to stop the wheel. Disc brakes are used on cars, motorcycles and even bicycles.Histo... Read More »

When Do You Need a Brake Pad Vs. a Rotor?

The brake system in a vehicle utilizes brake shoes, calipers, brake pads and a rotor to stop a vehicle. All of these parts are in the brake assembly that spins on each end of the front and rear axles.

What Are the Causes of a Scoring Brake Rotor?

Because brake rotors are clamped by the caliper and brake pads during deceleration, it is not uncommon for brake rotors to become scored over time.