Brake Repair Instructions?

Answer There are many components to brake systems and thus many points of potential failure. Remedies to brake problems can include changing the brake pads if they're too worn, replacing a rotor if it's c... Read More »

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Ford Brake Repair Instructions?

Some Ford models, like the Mustang, have brake rotors and calipers on all four wheels, so repairing tyhe brakes is simply a matter of changing the pads within the calipers. On many other models, yo... Read More »

Disc Brake Repair Instructions?

Most of today's passenger vehicles are equipped with disc brakes, at least on the front wheels. Disc brakes are effective, reliable and relatively simple, making them a preferred choice to ensure a... Read More »

Ford Ranger Brake Repair Instructions?

The Ford Ranger light duty pickup truck serves a multitude of purposes. Heavy use, however, can eventually lead to the four discs brakes needing maintenance or complete replacement. Fortunately, re... Read More »

Brake Master Cylinder Repair Instructions?

An automotive master cylinder takes the input of the brake pedal and uses it to push hydraulic fluid out to the wheel cylinders and brake calipers. After the master cylinder is replaced the brakes ... Read More »