Brake Pads & Break-in Procedures?

Answer Brake pads wear out as part of their normal operation. Newer vehicles are typically equipped with sensors that notice when pads are becoming thin; the sensors switch on an indicator light in the da... Read More »

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How to Break in New Brake Pads?

During braking, the brake pads are forced against the rotors to slow and eventually stop the vehicle. New brake pads and/or new brake rotors will need to be prepared to work as expected after a rec... Read More »

How to Break in Brake Pads?

Breaking in your brake pads (especially when replacing rotors) is an important maintenance procedure to ensure their longevity and intended function without side effects. While this procedure is fa... Read More »

How to Break in Ceramic Brake Pads?

Breaking in new ceramic brake pads is an important procedure that is needed to maximize their performance, according to experts. Known by some as the "bedding-in process," breaking in the pads shou... Read More »

How to Break in New Brake Pads on a Harley?

Properly breaking in a Harley-Davidson motorcycle can add years to its life. Observing maintenance intervals, maintaining a moderate riding style and allowing the front and rear brakes to properly ... Read More »