Brake Line Repair Tools?

Answer To say that brake lines are important is a vast understatement. According to master mechanic Jeremy Cramos, "the brake lines are the most important part of the car. I don't care how fast the booger... Read More »

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Brake Line Removal Tools?

Brake line removal is a fairly simple procedure, but may require a few specialized tools to remove the fittings from the lines and the lines from the vehicle without damaging anything. Many shade t... Read More »

Double Flare Brake Line Tools?

Having the right tools for any given project is essential to get the job done properly. When you are working with brake lines, it is important to have the brake line tube cut properly and any jagge... Read More »

Instructions for Brake Line Flaring Tools?

Anytime a brake line is cut and repaired or shortened a flare nut must be inserted over the line and a new flare formed on the cut end. It is difficult to form a double flare on an old line that is... Read More »

How to Flare a Brake Line Repair?

Brake lines contain the heavy loads that the master cylinder places on the brake caliper. High temperatures, vibration, age and impact can damage the copper and rubber brake lines and cause the lin... Read More »