Brake Line Removal Tools?

Answer Brake line removal is a fairly simple procedure, but may require a few specialized tools to remove the fittings from the lines and the lines from the vehicle without damaging anything. Many shade t... Read More »

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Brake Removal Tools?

A number of brake tools, some specialized, have to be used to cover most brake repair applications. Ordinary basic tools can take the repairman just so far until he runs into problems, leading to b... Read More »

Brake Spring Removal Tools?

Performing your own car maintenance can save you money. So much so that you can justify doing a few extra activities. Besides changing your own oil, changing brake pads and rotors is another projec... Read More »

Brake Line Repair Tools?

To say that brake lines are important is a vast understatement. According to master mechanic Jeremy Cramos, "the brake lines are the most important part of the car. I don't care how fast the booger... Read More »

Chevy Pickup Brake Line Removal?

You need to inspect the brake lines on your Chevy pickup truck every six months. If there are any leaks, corrosion or any other damage in the lines, you need to remove them for replacement. The lin... Read More »